What it feels like to have social anxiety..

Yes, I can not make eye contact with people, but that doesn’t mean I’m not listening to them

I avoid it cause I literally panic when somebody look into my eyes ,that what if he can read my mind, what if he can somehow get to know what I’m thinking

It’ll be worst for me

I try to think about everything so spontaneously so that he can’t get a single clue ‘bout it

It’s weird! RIGHT?

But that’s a single thing I could be mentioning out of a lot

When the term social anxiety surfaced .I was finally able to identify my issues so that now I can overcome them

This thing is painful

By pain, it always doesn’t mean I’m bleeding or I broke my bone

This pain is much more intensive, which is catastrophic to my soul and heart

I’ve seen myself struggling to explain myself to other people and share what I ever felt

but do not assume I’m rude. IT takes every ounce of courage i have to start a conversation

I so badly want to scream to people to  describe my situation to them  or tell why I avoid people or that i’m sick and tired to be known as  quiet girl OR why I just can not talk about tough stuff!



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  1. pdeepthim says:

    I’m sure that’s a common scenario with many whether they realize or not.
    I’m sure one day you’ll look back thinking was it you who ever had this …

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  2. Jodine says:

    It does seem to get better with age. I don’t know how old you are but I had it more when I was younger. It’s a sign of intelligence according to a recent study 🙂

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  3. that will be better
    thanks 🙂

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  4. Thanks for coming by and taking a look.
    Peace is a “Divine Person”.

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  5. Things will get better. Baby steps is what it takes and have small rewards for yourself.

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  6. honey & oats says:

    I felt like this sometimes, too. It does take a lot of time but patience. You’ll come around soon & yes, take baby steps. Once you’re ready, you’ll heart would race for more.

    Good luck💗

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    1. patience takes alot of it
      thanks btw


  7. painkills2 says:

    You know, there’s nothing wrong with being the quiet girl. Introverts have a lot to give, they just need to learn the best way to do that. The most comfortable way. I would suggest doing some internet reading about being an introvert, and see if you think it applies to you. I’ve found lots of good information about what it means to be introverted and how to manage that. You can even find stories from famous and successful people who are introverts.

    It’s hard to always struggle to be something you’re not — instead, embrace the things that make you unique. When you get older, you’ll learn that popularity isn’t everything. And for introverts, it can be quite exhausting. 🙂

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  8. yeah !the so called “social anxious folks” are massively extroverts inside.They probably need someone to push them to think that they dont need to be SO afraid

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    1. painkills2 says:

      All humans are not born with the desire to be sociable, but it’s an ability that you can learn about and use, if you so choose. Fear is hard to control, even when you’re old, like me. And while facing fear is very uncomfortable, it does help you feel stronger and better about yourself. Good luck. 🙂

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      1. that “fear” is literally digging ,,but some people are really insecure about everything ..like seriously everything .I too avoid being social but would love too experience the “high on power girl life” but at some point I feel that i’m a ambivert

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  9. painkills2 says:

    I know that kind of fear… Don’t you think that power girls like Beyonce feel that kind of fear, too? I can’ tell you how to conquer your fears — you’ll have to figure that out for yourself. But keep in mind that fear isn’t always destructive — sometimes, it can be protective, in a good way.

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    1. i dont get you .how its protective?

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  10. painkills2 says:

    Sometimes, our fears seek to protect us from things we can’t handle. Like, if someone is suffering from PTSD, it might be better for them to forget about past tragedies instead of bringing them into the light. Our brain might say, look, this is too much for you to handle right now, so just let it go for awhile. We’ll deal with it later, when you’re stronger. Our brains try to protect us.

    Sometimes, we feel fear for very good reasons, and it takes a lot more time to work through it. Like, I’m afraid of flying. I know it’s an unreasonable fear, as millions of people fly safely every day. But guess what? No matter how safe planes may be, they do crash. My fear is not unreasonable, but if I had to travel a lot, it would be a fear that would hold me back.

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    1. every things has a point for its existence.Its hopeful .thanks 🙂
      but what a contradiction I love flying 😀

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  11. transformationearth says:

    I know the pain of anxiety-mine was not social, but more generalized. But anxiety is anxiety, and it’s terrible! I wrote an article about my personal path on overcoming anxiety-it’s definitely possible to overcome. Feel free to check it out! ❤️

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  12. 432m says:

    You write really well!
    Wish you happiness and sunshine…

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    1. thanks..I wish you too 🙂 😀


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