Every strong person has a shaking shadow behind him

The things he left behind,the tears that dried,

the strength shattered in bits.

But he’s peppy now

Somehow at the end of every crap you just end up gaining so much respect for yourself,and that’s what makes you happy even if you are alone .

You definitely do not need anyone to make you feel special,but you  need an ignorant person in your life who may push to your edges

So that you burst out.

And what eventually  happens is you get to know the best of your demons inside.

It may hurt you,shatter you ,kill you inside but once you manage  to get over it ,you have the unwrapped happiness which feels so blissful .

And that’s what you called winning over yourself

Self respect is the only thing worth wrangle for and else follows the way in!




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  1. Srijan says:

    you’re one beautiful girl. i like this!

    Liked by 1 person

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