Passioned nerves

The dusky little room with a big, blank open window

blank as the folder on top

leading towards the breeze that just crossed my hair,

leading to the fresh smell of roses,

to the sounds of strums coming from the busker down the street,

to the sky filled with birds I love and clouds like cusion

but there is something about this room

so negative

yet im still standing here

and looking out that window and writing about it

that how I never thought of going there

how my thoughts are all cosy right here

its the the whole new realm that scares me

scary like the freedom

sacry like all of the beautiful things

its out there

without you

and there’s something about this little dusky room which is in all sense the greatest joy for me

to my heart,

to my body, and I want it

i guess thats love to me, right now








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  1. Macxermillio says:

    Something about the unknown and joy.

    Liked by 1 person

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